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“I promise to uphold the spirit of Karate-Do, follow the Dojo Kun and never use the skills I am taught against any persons except in defense of family, friends or myself in the instance of extreme danger or unprovoked attack or in support of law and order. I have no health risk illness, other than stated previously, nor have I been advised by a doctor not to take physical exercise. I understand whilst taking every reasonable precaution the instructor cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained and that the practice of karate may involve risk of serious injury during training.”


I understand and abide by the Student’s Declaration and agree with the declaration by entering my name below:



Notice of termination/cancelation policy


*The student or guardian (in case of minors) must give ½ a school term written notice of intention to withdraw from karate classes. This written notification must be given to the instructor or emailed to our office. The student is welcome to attend during the final notice period.

*Should the student/guardian fail to provide the above detailed notice or wishes to stop karate immediately then ½ a term's fees over and above any outstanding fees at the time must be paid.


Agreement for the registration of FSKA training classes 


I agree to pay training term tuition fees upon receipt of the invoice either from Funakoshi Ltd or the school my child attends (whichever may be relevant to me/my child/school my child attends). 


I agree to give half a term’s written notice should I wish to discontinue/I wish my child to discontinue with FSKA Karate. 


I understand that whilst taking every reasonable precaution, the instructor cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained to me/my child during karate training. 


I agree to let the instructor know in advance should I have any objections to other parents and guardians taking photographs and videos of me/the children during the FSKA Grading at the end of each term or the class instructor taking photographs that might be used to advertise the business.


I understand and agree to the terms above regarding payment of fees, notice of cancelation and photography by entering my name below:


GDPR Policy:


Please read our GDPR privacy policy for information regarding the collection and processing of your personal data, available here.

The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." - Gichin Funakoshi

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