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FSKA Karate Grading

FSKA  students have the opportunity to  grade three times a year at the end of each school term ie. March, July and December.

FSKA Katas Video Clips

Brown Belts & Above Katas Click Here
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Grading for Mini FSKA Click here
Grading for Red to Purple/Stripe Click here
Grading for Brown belts Click here
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Grading & Training Day

Students, who are ready for grading, will be invited to attend our special grading and training day event towards the end of the school term. The invoices for the event should be deemed as invitations and are sent out by our accounts manager around the half term time.

The training and grading day is a wonderful event for students to attend as our students from all our dojos and school clubs from across London, SW and East London come together and have the opportunity to meet and train with our FSKA UK team of instructors. At this event students see and feel that they are a part of our wider karate family.  

On the day, students will need to register and present their black budo book at the time stipulated for their session.

During the training session students will warm up, exercise and revise their grading syllabus with our instructors and grade towards the end of their session.

With Government guidelines permitting, parents and family are welcome to watch students train and grade.

The specific dates and the programme for the training and grading day for the various belts will be communicated to our students and/or parents via our club internal newsletters.

Events will usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday at the end of March, beginning of July and beginning of December.

The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." - Gichin Funakoshi

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